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Pasadena, CA

We accept all insurance
SoCal MDS accepts all insurance, including health care partners. Our movement disorder experts are also available for professional consultations to hospitals, research companies, companies investing in pharmaceutical drug development, medical lectures (CME and non-CME), T.V. and radio medical correspondents, and as medical expert witnesses for movement disorder cases.
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Referral Form

Fill out this digital form so we can contact your other doctors and pharmacies to send them a progress report. You only need to fill in one doctor's contact information. The rest is optional. Once you fill in the form, you will receive an email confirming that the form has been sent to us.

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Patient Form

Download this PDF form and fill it in before you visit SoCal MDS or do so in our waiting room. Please write down why you are visiting and about the symptoms you are having including details like location, severity, duration, time of onset, and what makes it better or worse. If you are a new patient, please fill out the bottom of the form as well.

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Follow-Up Form

This form is for returning patients only. Download this PDF form and fill it in before you visit SoCal MDS or do so in our waiting room. This form allows us to treat you better. It provides us with your recent medical events and information.

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NCV-EMG Referral Form

Muscles are controlled by electrical impulses from the body's nerves. When there is a problem with nerve function muscles can behave abnormally, such as twitching, pain, or paralysis. The EMG test is completely safe. Download our NCV-EMG form or fill it online through your web browser.

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California State Athletic Commission Liscensing Forms

Southern California Movement Disorder Specialists now offer professional athlete physical examination testing for those that need a license to compete in professional boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and any other combative sport requiring licensure by the State of California.

Getting ready for your visit
  • Bring medical records about previous treatments and medications.
  • Have a list of all your correct medications with dosage time of consumption information handy.
  • Bring your medication bottles.
  • Have MRIs, CTs, and other past procedures on a CD (compact disk).
  • Don't forget to bring the filled-in paperwork with you when you visit!