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General Neurology & Movement Disorders

Southern California Movement Disorder Specialists (SoCalMDS) treats all neurological disorders and specialize in movement disorders. We also treat the rare disorders with the same level of expertise as private university programs.

Our Location

65 N. Madison Avenue
Suite 410
Pasadena, CA


Southern California Movement Disorder Specialists provides some of the best attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment in the Los Angeles area. Get in touch with our neurologists to find the best ADHD treatment available for your specific needs.

Headache & Botox Clinic

SoCalMDS provided specialized treatment of headaches. With the latest tools, medication, and treatment plans, we utilize the latest science to treat the various forms of pain caused by various types of headaches.

Pre-Surgical Screening

SoCal MDS' neurologists are trained for pre-surgery screening. It is important that you have a pre-surgical screening conducted by a trained professional to ensure surgery is necessary. Some movement disorders share similar symptoms and are frequently misdiagnosed.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

What's keeping you awake? Quality sleep is very important to your health. SoCalMDS' experts are trained to diagnose and treat common and complex sleep disorders. Let's find the righ treatment for you today. Custom mouthgards are now available!

California State Athletic Commission

We offer professional athlete physical examination testing for those that need a license to compete in professional boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and any other combative sport requiring licensure by the State of California.

Clinical Trials & Research

Get involved in phase II and III clinical trials in Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and other movement disorders. We provide local, focused patient care and provide resources that will help advance the cause of clinical research.

Treatment Options

Dr. Lisk and his team currently employs many treatment methods such as:
  • Programming of deep brain stimulators for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and essential tremor
  • Pre-screening for deep brain stimulator surgery for Parkinson’s disease to determine which patients are valid candidates
  • Intrathecal baclofen pump trials, pump refills and management for spasticity secondary to stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other causes
  • Botulinum toxin and intrathecal baclofen pumps for spasticity, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke, cerebral palsy and other origins
  • Botulinum toxin injections for migraines (including nerve blocks), blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, focal dystonia (e.g., foot dystonia and cervical dystonia), pre-screening and intraoperative monitoring for deep brain stimulation, programming of deep brain stimulators
  • Botulinum toxins to manage cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, oromandibular dystonia, upper and lower spasticity, foot dystonia, and more
  • Treatment of spasticity and its symptoms

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